Natural Aquarium Food

Natural Aquarium Food

So what is natural aquarium food?

Hugo Kamishi natural aquarium food mix is a blend of natural insects and crustaceans ideal for tropical and marine fish. This high quality mix that contains gammarus shrimp, tubiflex, daphnia, bloodworm, brine shrimp and krill.

How easy is it to use?

You will notice the cubes in the food mix, this is made up of tubiflex, daphnia and bloodworm. When using the cubes I would recommend breaking small sections off and place it in the water, the fish will naturally come to the surface and take small bits. 

Placing a whole cube in my 200 litre aquarium for around 30 fish was very messy causing the water to go a little cloudy. Using small sections of cube made a huge different and this did not cloud the water. If you have smaller fish I would also recommend breaking up the larger shrimp as well, the smaller fish will leave it causing waste and flooding uneaten food in your aquarium.

Keep it fresh

All the Hugo Kamishi pouch range are resealable so the food will stay fresh. Simply pull apart the seal use some of the food and use your fingers to push to seal back together.