Why use peat pellets

Why use peat pellets

FishCove Aquatics have put JBL Tormec Active under the spot light to see if using peat pellets really do work.

What is JBL Tormec Active?

Tormec is a peat Pellet that has been pressed together from two peat components. You can add this to your internal or external canister filter


What will Tormec Active do to your aquarium water?

Tormec Active reduces (KH) carbonate hardness and pH in your aquarium. Tormec will release natural tanning into the aquarium, this will not only make the water look natural but helps combat algae growth in the aquarium due to light not being able to go to deep.


How do you use Tormec Active?

Pre soak the pellets for at least 24-48 hours before adding to your filter. Ensure you keep the pellets in the bag provided other wise the pellets can fall apart when handling. The main reason for pre soaking is the pellets expand to double there size. Quickly rinse under tap water, then add to your filter.


What are the final results? 

After running the peat pellets in the external filter for around 12 hours you can see the slight amber effect the pellets release into the water. This is very beneficial to your aquarium especially if your running a black water set up. The amber colouring will not only help reduce algae growth as the light is less bright going through the water column the tanning released will help lower the PH, KH and GH. 

After running the peat pellets for around 5-7 days we saw our PH drop from 7.6 to just short of 7.2, also the KH and GH dropped, this is ideal for our chocolate gourami that are in the display, the neon tetra also seemed brighter and healthier.

So to sum up JBL Tormec peat pellets, the results we exsperianced could be seen very quickly not only in the health of the fish but also when we tested the water.

10/10 for JBL Tormec, easy to use and a rewarding product.

Check out JBL Tormec HERE