Glass Co2 Indicator

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Product Description 

  • CO2 Indicator Dioxide is made of non-toxic glass,environmental protection,strong and sturdy.
  • Easy to install and use:Make sure your test kit is clean.Drop 5 drops of CO2 indicator(not include) into the glass checker and use straw to fill the water in the aquarium with the test solution area to 1/2.Adsorb on one side of a fish tank with a sucker and wait for up to 2 hours.
  • Indicator color chance shows results:The CO2 indicator (not include) color is blue,when it is blue represented CO2 insufficient;Turns green,the balance of CO2;Turns yellow,mean your tank has too much CO2.
  • Apply to:fish tank,aquarium,especially aquatic plants,tropical fish to watch and cultivate for fish tank.
  • High quality must-have kit,CO2 drop checker is planted and aquarium tank essential tools,.Keep regularly check the aquarium of CO2 levels.With a CO2 monitor aquarium and sucker.