AquaOne GH Quartz Heaters

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Product Description

Aqua One quartz heater range is made of quartz glass and incorporates thermal cut off technology.

Quartz glass has the remarkable ability to undergo large rapid temperature changes without cracking. The heater has an adjustable temperature range of 20oc to 34oc, complete with a strong plastic casing and it’s fully submersible. 5 sizes in the range

GH 50 up to 50 litres 24cm long 50w

GH 100 up to 100 litres 30cm long 100w

GH 200 up to 200 litres 35cm long 200w

GH 300 up to 300 litres 41cm long 300w

GH 500 up to 500 litres 46cm long 500w