Aquael Luna 40cm Aquarium

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Product Description

***please note we do not ship small aquariums or stands***

The unique Luna aquarium set is made in the shape of a flattened hemisphere. It has been designed as an ideal space for crabs, turtles, and other small animals that live in the shallows.

At the base, the Luna tank is 40cm in diameter and when filled to the brim, it holds 17 litres of water.
The aquarium is equipped with a practical hinged lid with an inbuilt energy-efficient lighting module LEDDY Tube 3W.
The set also includes the MICRO FAN internal filter that can be operated equally well in relatively deep and in very shallow waters (the minimum depth is 3 cm).

The Luna set is perfect for keeping fashionable small crabs, young turtles, newts, and other semi-aquatic animals.
Thanks to the shape of the tank, animals can be conveniently observed from above.
Its wide bottom can be used to arrange eye-catching interior designs with multiple hiding places that provide optimum living conditions for the inhabitants.

The Luna set is also suitable for keeping the popular dwarf shrimps or for creating plant aquariums for growing moss.