Aquael Plant soil

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Product Description

Stabilise water parameters (pH and carbonate hardness) and keep them at levels that are optimal for shrimp and plants. Stimulate the growth of plants by supplying all the essential nutrients to their roots and enhance the biological filtration of water in the tank by providing a perfect habitat for beneficial nitrifying bacteria. It also has unique decorative qualities: against the natural dark background of the substrate, shrimp and plants are clearly visible and look astoundingly beautiful plus it is effective and long-lasting. Thanks to the gradual release of nutrients, the substrates do not require frequent replacement and retain their properties for a long time.

Aquarium substrate for plants, H.E.L.P. ADVANCED SOIL PLANTS, is a professional substrate for plant aquariums, including the trendy natural aquariums. It is composed of black granules that are 1 to 4mm in diameter. The substrate includes natural organic components only.