Aquael Ultramax External Filter

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Product Description

ULTRAMAX – innovative, technologically advanced canister filters employing patented solutions. They are extraordinarily user-friendly and can be used in virtually any tank to purify water and maintain the required water parameters.

Inbuilt pre-filter – the first of its kind in the market. There is a big sponge pre-filter built into the lid of each ULTRAMAX filter. It is designed to capture course mechanical impurities before they can get inside the filter. In this way, the pre-filter protects the device from clogging, which reduces the required frequency of cleaning to a minimum.


Aquarium capacity [L] 100 - 300
Power [W] 10.0
Efficiency [L / H] 1,000
Raising [CM] 160
Dimensions [cm] (width x depth x height) 27x29x34
Diameter of hoses [mm] 16/22
Basket capacity [L] 1.9
Bucket capacity [L] 11.0
Container capacity

1500 -

Aquarium capacity [L] 250-450
Power [W] 15,0
Efficiency [L / H] 1 500
Max head [CM] 180
Dimensions [cm] 27W x 29D x 39.5H
Diameter of hoses [mm] 16/22
Bucket capacity [L] 13.5
Basket capacity [L] 1.9
Number of baskets [pcs] 4

2000 - 

Aquarium capacity [L] 400-700
Power [W] 24,0
Efficiency [L / H] 2000
Max head [CM] 250
Dimensions [cm] 27W x 29D x 51H
Diameter of hoses [mm] 19/25
Bucket capacity [L] 16
Basket capacity [L] 1.9
Number of baskets [pcs] 5