Aquael Ultrascape 60 Set

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Product Description

UltraScape Set aquarium sets were created for enthusiasts and designed in cooperation with professional aquascaper Michał Adamek. The sets are distinguished by ideal dimensions, recognized by aquascapers, harmonious proportions and aesthetic accessories. Opti glass, an open tank of thick glass that does not require additional reinforcements, an adjustable frame with Leddy Tube lighting and an unusual design are just some of the advantages of the UltraScape Set.

The sets also include an elegant dedicated lamp equipped with replaceable Leddy Tube lighting modules. One of its advantages is the ability to replace individual elements, not the entire lamp. The lamp was placed on an aesthetic frame with adjustable height. By adding a wiring wrapper, we made sure that the appearance of the set was refined in every detail. The set also includes a mat under the aquarium.

The ideal proportions of UltraScape Set tanks allow you to create any arrangements, both experimental and those based on classic rules. Transparent silicone, shear weld, polished, ground edges and precise glass joining are important finishes for premium tanks.

UltraScape sets are available in two sizes: 60x30x36 cm in two colour versions: snow and forest.

UltraScape Sets are also accompanied by dedicated cabinets. Black satin and veneered finish of the forest cabinet and satin finish of the snow cabinet were selected in accordance with the current trends prevailing in interior design. An additional element of UltraScape cabinets are special holes for hoses placed on the sides (Sets do not come with an external filter). They allow you to completely close the filter inside the cabinet and conveniently place the wires on the side wall of the tank. The cabinets are also equipped with a shelf for accessories and height-adjustable feet. UltraScape Cabinet 60 has 6 legs in the set, while UltraScape Cabinet 90 – 9 legs. This is the amount that ensures stability and even distribution of weight even under the heaviest arrangements.

64,8 litre 64,8 litre 243 litre 243 litre
60x30x36cm 60x30x36cm 90x60x45cm 90x60x45cm
2x10W Plant, 1x10W Sunny D&N 2x10W Plant, 1x10W Sunny D&N 2x14W Plant, 2x14W Sunny D&N 2x14W Plant, 2x14W Sunny D&N
6 mm Glass 6mm Glass 10mm Glass 10mm Glass
Opti Glass Opti Glass Opti Glass Opti Glass