AquaOne AquaNano 30

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Product Description

 ***Please note we do not ship aquariums***

The AquaNano is an award winning aquarium and that is no surprise. It's a high quality aquarium system, packed full of fantastic features.

The seamless design of the rounded front corners allows an unspoilt view of your aquascape.

The integrated back filter is virtually invisible from the front, yet highly effective and comes complete with all media required for crystal clear water.

The light is attached through a fully adjustable arm and features high output RGB LED lighting. A quality Aqua One heater is also included which can be installed inside the back filter to ensure a clutter free aquarium scene.

Model: AquaNano 30

Volume In Litres: 22 Litres

Dimensions: 30W x 30D x 30H cm

Glass Thickness: 4mm

Cabinet Model: We recommend Inspire 40

Cabinet Colour: Oak or Grey Arizona

Cabinet Dimensions: 32W x 32D x 70H cm*

Heater: 25W

Lighting: LED

Filtration: Multi Stage Back Filter