Colombo CO2 Advance Set Nano

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Product Description

The Colombo CO2 advance set contains a pressure cylinder with 95 gram CO2, a pressure regulator, a 3-in-1 diffuser and all connections. With the pressure regulator the flow of CO2 gas to the diffuser can be adjusted. A bubble counter is incorporated in the diffuser, by counting the bubbles released in a specific time frame the amount of CO2 added can be determined. The diffuser produces very fine bubbles so the gas is well absorbed by the water With the adapter ring, sold as an accessory, the pressure regulator of the Advance set can be used on the disposable 800-gram cylinder. This way the cylinder has to be exchanged less frequently. With the 800-gram cylinder you save nearly 70% on the cost for the CO2 gas. By installing a solenoid valve the supply of CO2 can be interrupted automatically during the night. Plants don’t need CO2 during the night, hence you make considerable saving on the cylinders and the regulator doesn’t need to be readjusted again.