Evolution Aqua 600 Cube eaFreshwater

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Product Description

***These aquariums can be delivered direct to your door please contact us on 01202 883065***

eaFreshwater is an exciting new range of aquariums from Evolution Aqua. eaFreshwater has many distinguishing features including modern design, built-in twin LED lighting, neat black silicone, and removable hood and light flaps.

 Neat rear cut-outs enable filter pipework, and heater and light cables, to pass through neatly and discretely, while the premium tank height improves the vista.

Cabinets are pre-assembled for ease of installation, and come with soft close doors.

 eaFreshwater is available in four sizes and 12 contemporary cabinet finishes.

- Black silicone

- 700mm tall tank

- 600mm water height

- Pre-fitted foam base mat – no polystyrene necessary

- Slimline, fully removable hood

- Twin LED lighting, with options to add an extra two lights

- Rear cut outs for cables, plugs and pipework

- Matching top trim and cabinet

- Cabinets available in 12 finishes


Aquarium dimensions: 600mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 700mm (H)

Cabinet dimensions: 600mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 900mm (H)

Total Volume (Nett): 202 Litres

Aquarium Features: Black Silicone / Removable hood and light flaps / Pre-fitted foam base mat

Lighting: Supplied with two 10 Watt Natural Sun LED (with option to add two extra lights)

Cabinet Features: 12 colours / Matching colour trim on tank / Soft close, push open doors / Silicone sealed / Pre-assembled

Number of cabinet doors: 1