JBL Aqua T Handy

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Product Description 

The JBL Aqua-T Handy, is a glass panel cleaner with a 70mm stainless steel blade.

It has been designed to quickly and easily remove algae and other deposits from your aquarium. The tough stainless steel makes light work of even the most stubborn formations on glass, so your aquarium will look good in no time.

A unique feature of the Aqua T Handy is that it will not cause any damage to the silicone seals of your aquarium. Some algae scrapers can affect the seals as you scrape, causing leaks and further problems. The Aqua T's clever spacing between the blade and the edge of the handle means that the silicone remains untouched - and leak free.

This particular version has a 7cm blade, which is ideal for small to medium aquariums. The JBL Triumph offers double the action with a 14cm blade, so it's great for medium to large aquariums.

The scraper is resistant to salt water and offers years of great performance and a clean, healthy tank.