JBL Cristal Profi i40

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Product Description

  • Clear and healthy water for fry or shrimps in small aquariums with 10 – 40 litres (30 – 50 cm): air-driven internal filter with hose and air pump
  • Easy to use, complete filter is ready to be installed: connect air hose with filter and air pump, put on outlet pipe, place at the bottom of aquarium. Connect air pump with power supply
  • Air pump 80 l/h with replacement diaphragm. T-shaped filter cartridge: doubled surface and long service life with good water flow
  • No tipping over of filter: heavy stand. Slow water flow: high biological breakdown performance. Pore structure creates good opportunities for cleansing bacteria to settle. Extendable through filter modules
  • Package contents: 1 x air-driven internal filter, Cristal Profi i40, 60900, incl. air pump, 2 m hose and replacement diaphragm, height: 18 cm