JBL LED Solar Effect RGB

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Product Description 

  • Special light with RGB LEDs to create colour effects, ideal as replacement for the second coloured fluorescent tube (T5 or T8)
  • Just connect to the enclosed cable switch of the existing JBL LED SOLAR Natur and adjust using its remote control.
  • Enables more dramatic simulations of sunrise and sunset colours, as well as weather situations, such as lightning storms or rainy season.
  • The installed RGB LEDs can create red, green and blue, as well as mixed colours, selectable via remote control of the JBL LED SOLAR Natur, dimmable in 7 steps; effects can be extended with JBL LED SOLAR Control WiFi app, using a mobile phone.
  • Contains: LED effect light waterproof (IP67), cable switch, holding brackets for top assembly and end caps for the installation in tube sockets (T5 & T8)

Size Guide

8w - 438mm

9w - 549/590mm

13w - 742mm

15w - 849/895mm

16w - 1047mm

19w - 1149/1200mm

20w - 1449/1500mm

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