JBL Pro Flora m501 Co2 Set

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Product Description 

  • CO2 fertiliser system with refillable cylinder for the best feeding of fast and slow growing plants in freshwater aquariums up to 400 l
  • Assemble system, attach diffuser in the aquarium and adjust CO2 supply until the permanent test indicates the ideal value
  • Professional water care: precise dosing due to pressure reducer. Even release. Effective distribution due to extendable diffuser. Best check of CO2: bubble counter with magnifyling part and CO2/pH test. Residual pressure display on pressure gauge
  • TÜV tested storage cylinder, pressure cylinder with overpressure relief, stand ensures cylinder does not fall over. Hose screw connection prevents hose from slipping, check valve prevents water entering the cylinder
  • Package contents: refillable 500g CO2 cylinder, stand, pressure reducer, diffuser JBL Taifun 27 cm, bubble counter, 3 m special hose, backflow stop, CO2/pH permanent test, 2x liquid fertiliser and 1x daily fertiliser