JBL ProFlora m001

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Product Description 

  • Safe and precise CO2 dosing for aquariums: precision pressure reducer for refillable CO2 cylinders. Cylinder pressure regulation from 60 to 1.5 bar
  • Easy to use: screw pressure reducer onto the refillable cylinder. Connect the fitting with hose to the diffuser in the aquarium. Adjust CO2 bubble count at the precision needle valve
  • Fine needle valve: exact adjustment of bubble count, Preadjusted working pressure: 1.5 bar (readjustment possible), 2 pressure gauges: working and cylinder pressure, connection thread: W 21.8x1/14
  • Safe to use: excess pressure safety valve, highest reliability: diaphragm controlled pressure reducer
  • Package contents: pressure reducer for refillable CO2 cylinders incl. 2 pressure gauges; connection thread: W 21.8x1/14