JBL Protemp b20

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Product Description 

  • Undergravel heating cable for ideal plant growth in aquariums: modelled on nature, thermal water flow through the bottom covering, promotion of root formation and growth. For aquariums from 100 up to 250 l (approx. 80 100 cm length)
  • Easy to install: place 4.9 m heating cable in loops on the bottom panel of the aquarium, fasten with suction cups
  • Biological filter: creates seeping nutrition sources in the substrate modelled on nature – ideal supply for the plants. Prevents putrefication zones caused by stagnant water
  • Energy-efficient and safe: silicone coated heating cable with energy-efficient, electronic transformer with 12 V extra low safety voltage
  • Package contents: undergravel heating cable 20 W for aquariums ProTemp, incl. electronic transformer, 4.9 m heating cable, 2 x 2.0 m PTC resistor, 30 x suction cups