Kessil Cable To (Apex)

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Product Description 

***special order item***

The Kessil Cable 1 is a 1.8m length cable and is compatible with Neptune Apex. The cable connects two A360N / A360W LED units together and can also be used to connect one Kessil LED lighting unit to a controller.

The Kessil Cable 1 is the perfect choice for those hobbyists looking for a solution to linking their LED lighting up with one simple cable. Executed in a sleek black colour, the cable melds into any aquarium tank design for a professional, tidy finish.

As with all Kessil products, the Kessil Cable 1 has been designed and developed at the brand's workshops, and provides a quality product made from a reliable source of materials. The cable is supple and flexible - perfect for its versatile use in aquatic lighting set-ups.