Organix Shrimp Veggie Granulate 150ml

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Product Description 

ORGANIX Shrimp Veggie Granulate from Oase has been specially formulated to fulfil the nutritional requirements of shrimp. Packed full of high quality, natural sustainable ingredients including Artic kelp, ORGANIX Shrimp Veggie Granulate provides a species appropriate super food with a high proportion of valuable minerals and trace elements. 

ORGANIX Daily Food for community tanks provides a large variety of species in the aquarium with everything that healthy fish need. This Food is ideal as a staple food for daily feeding and promotes growth and vitality of aquarium inhabitants. With the suitable supplementary foods from ORGANIX you can bring variety to your feeding.

  • Sustainably harvested
  • Without artificial attractants
  • Optimal protein-fat ratio

ORGANIX comprises of a natural menu that is perfectly adapted to the needs of ornamental fish. Because of this, right from the beginning of production, we make no compromises in selecting our ingredients, which we prepare fresh and with a great deal of care. Discover our range of natural products for lively and healthy fish.

  • Rich in natural kelp
  • Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins
  • Optimal protein-fat ratio
  • Precisely adapted to any eating habit
  • Minimal proportions of ash, fishmeal and wheat flour
  • Uses MSC-certified ingredients
  • Significantly less phosphate and ammonium by comparison
  • From unpolluted waters off the wild coast of Alaska