SuperFish Scaper Aquariums

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Product Description 

***FishCove Aquatics do not ship aquariums***

Superfish scaper aquariums are made of crystal clear glass, which ensures a crystal clear underwater image. The 3 models have been specifically developed for aquascaping so the dimensions are perfect for creating beautiful under water planted landscapes.

These scaper tanks do not come with a heater but we can upgrade them to include one.


Scaper 45

45 litre


scaper LED 45, 24w, PAR 269

Hang on Filter 

Heater recommendation  - 75w or 100w


Scaper 60

60 litre


scaper LED 60, 28w, PAR 269

Hang on Filter 

Heater recommendation - 100w


Scaper 90

90 litre


scaper LED 90, 32w, PAR 269

Hang on filter

Heater Recommendation - 100w or 150w