Ever Wanted To Grow Moss

Ever Wanted To Grow Moss

Have you ever wanted to grow moss in your aquarium?

Java Moss is one of the easiest plants to grow in an aquarium and it’s a great plant for beginners to get their hands wet in the aquascaping world. Moss comes in small pots, Simply remove the moss and give it a gentle rinse under tap water or in old aquarium water. Once this process is complete thin the moss out and attach, see below on how to do this.

So what does the moss need?

Java Moss needs two things to grow quickly in an aquarium good water quality and good light. With just these two things, it’ll grow fast enough that you’ll probably get tired of trimming it back.

What can you do with the moss?

People use lots of different things to anchor Java Moss to stones, rocks, driftwood, even plastic ornaments. We have used it on our "nature reclaims" scape. 

Aquarium glue is easy to use, squeeze a small amount onto the surface and place your moss on the glue. Aquarium glue can be used in or out of water.

Whats next?

As long as you have good enough lighting in the aquarium watch it grow after a few weeks it will be ready for its first trim into the shape you are looking for.

The moss you cut off can be placed in another position in your aquarium.

Its that easy, enjoy and have fun.