About Us

So, who are FishCove Aquatics?

FishCove Aquatics opened for business in December 2015, We are located in Kings Court just of High Street in Wimborne Dorset. Owned and managed by enthusiasts, our aim is to support and fulfil the needs for other likeminded enthusiasts, as well as guide new fish keepers into the growing hobby.

We only provide and stock items that our experts have tried and tested so you can have complete confidence that everything we offer does exactly what it claims to. What’s more, we offer a great selection of tropical fish, shrimp and a large range of tropical plants for your aquarium. This ever expanding range has some of the usual suspects that you’d expect to see but also some that may surprise you.

Whilst exploring the shop you will find a number of aquariums that where set up by Duncan to give you some inspiration for your aquarium whether at home or in the office. Having pride and confidence in every product we stock is important to us which is why use them in our store (and personally) and we love giving you an opportunity to see some of our products working in the aquarium before you take them home.

Fishcove Aquatics prides it self on being the only store in Dorset that specialises in the Aquascaping market. You wont be disappointed in the range of rocks, wood and plants available for you to create some nature in your aquarium.

FishCove Aquatics have been named one of the top 40 fishkeeping shops in the UK both in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and 2022 and 2023 plus small retailer runner up for 2018 thanks to readers of Practical Fishkeeping magazine. 

In 2020 FishCove Aquatics reached the semi finals of the "Stars Awards" for customer service.

Why our systems are different to other local shops…

All of our tanks are individual which means there is little to no risk of disease being passed onto the rest of the system. Each system has its own filtration system which gives us the ability to have full control over each individual aquarium compartment. The equipment we use in each compartment will typically be a fully submersible heater and a Small internal air driven filter, both located at the rear of the tank and importantly not obscuring your view from the front so you can see the fish in all their glory.