Holiday Cover And Maintenance

Are you going on Holiday?

FishCove Aquatics offer a holiday maintenance service. From just feeding your fish to a full deep clean, we have you covered.

Going away on holiday is meant to be relaxing and not about worrying that your fish back home are okay. So let FishCove Aquatics look after your fishy friends.

4-7 day service

If you're going away for 4-7 days? then this service is for you, from just £10 a visit we can feed your fish, give them a health check and ensure all the equipment is working. 

14 day or longer service

If your going away for longer then 7 days, we would recommend our 14 day service that includes 4 feeding visits and a deep clean of your aquarium, this starts from £65.

Aquariums still get dirty while your away so in our 14 day cover we offer a deep clean on your aquarium. This includes a water test, water change, algae clean, plants or ornaments cut and cleaned, Rocks moved and finally your filter serviced. 

If your going away for longer then 14 days we can put a feeding and deep clean plan in place that suits you.

Contact us today to arrange your free initial consultation on 01202 883065 or email us on

Sit back and enjoy the beauty of your aquarium and let FishCove Aquatics look after your aquarium.