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Product Description

AquaScaping is one of the most popular trends in Aquatics and the brand new AquaSys range from Aqua One allows for the most demanding of creations. The extra deep aquariums with a depth of 55cm front to back offer plenty of room for your ideas. The extraordinarily low iron glass is of incredibly clear quality and the cabinets, which are manufactured in the UK, are of excellent quality that is obvious as soon as you see or touch them.

The AquaSys range is a beautiful, sleek aquarium, perfectly suited for impressive aquascapes or offering an stunning home to fish that require a greater water volume and more room. With six different cabinet colours and/or finishes and 4 different size options, there is going to be the perfect one for you in this range. 

The AquaSys is supplied without any technical accessories, however, we do offer a matching Filter and Heater Pack that consists of a highly efficient Ocellaris canister filter and an Aqua One Glass Heater.

Cabinet colour options: Boston Concrete, Grey Nebraska Oak, Natural Nebraska Oak, Pasadena Pine, Silk White, Black Ash


 Model: AquaSys 150

Aquarium Model: AquaSys 150

Volume In Litres: 150

Dimensions: 60W x 55D x 53H cm

Glass Thickness: 12mm

Cabinet Model: AquaSys 150 Cabinet


Model: AquaSys 230

Aquarium Model: AquaSys 230

Volume In Litres: 230

Dimensions: 90W x 55D x 53H cm

Glass Thickness: 12mm

Cabinet Model: AquaSys 230 Cabinet


Model: AquaSys 300

Aquarium Model: AquaSys 300

Volume In Litres: 300

Dimensions: 120W x 55D x 53H cm

Glass Thickness: 12mm

Cabinet Model: AquaSys 300 Cabinet


Model: AquaSys 395

Aquarium Model: AquaSys 395

Volume In Litres: 395

Dimensions: 150W x 55D x 53H cm

Glass Thickness: 15mm

Cabinet Model: AquaSys 395 Cabinet