AquaOne Platform 21

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Product Description 

The Platform 21 Aquarium desktop fish tank is a real eyecatcher. It is designed to give the aquarium a floating effect over the base.

It comes complete with a fully removable glass lid for easy cleaning, preventing water loss and keeping your aquatic friends safe.

The integrated light features blue night lights as well as RGB LED's to enhance the fish's colours.

Model: Platform 21

Aquarium Model: Platform 21

Volume In Litres: 21

Dimensions: 40 x 25 x 25cm

Aquarium Colour: Black

Cabinet Model: We recommend Inspire 40

Cabinet Colour: Napa Oak, or Walnut/Gloss Black

Cabinet Dimensions: 40W x 40D x 75H cm

Lighting: LED

Filtration: 2 stage internal filter