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Product Description

The OakStyle Yorkshire in natural oak and Shaker style is the latest addition to the OakStyle family. 

At Aqua One, we have taken fish keeping to another level. We are not only offering quality built glass aquariums fully equipped with top quality technical equipment, but combining them with a beautiful cabinet that will add plenty of personality to your home.

The aquarium comes complete with an internal/external filter (model dependant) that will keep your water clean. The extremely powerful, yet economical StripGlo LED light unit will illuminate support healthy plant growth and emphasize the colour of your fish. A heater is also included for a tropical set up. A heater is also included for a tropical set up.

The cabinet will prove itself a very useful piece of furniture that offers plenty of storage space and is easy to assemble.

Model: OakStyle Yorkshire 110

Aquarium Model: OakStyle 110 Yorkshire Aquarium

Volume In Litres: 123

Dimensions: 63W x 38D x 55H cm

Glass Thickness: 6mm

Aquarium Colour: Yorkshire Oak

Cabinet Model: OakStyle 110 Cabinet

Cabinet Colour: Yorkshire

Cabinet Dimensions: 70W x 41D x 78Hcm

Heater: 150W

Lighting: StripGlo Tropical 60cm 22W

Filtration: Moray 700


Model: OakStyle Yorkshire 145

Aquarium Model: OakStyle 145 Yorkshire Aquarium

Volume In Litres: 159

Dimensions: 81W x 38D x 55H cm

Aquarium Colour: Yorkshire Oak

Cabinet Model: OakStyle 145 Cabinet

Cabinet Colour: Natural Oak

Cabinet Dimensions: 88W x 41D x 78H cm

Heater: 200W

Lighting: StripGlo Tropical 60cm 22W

Filtration: Ocellaris 850


Model: OakStyle Yorkshire 230

Aquarium Model: OakStyle 230 Yorkshire Aquarium

Volume In Litres: 245

Dimensions: 116W x 38D x 60H cm

Glass Thickness: 8mm

Aquarium Colour: Natuarl Oak

Cabinet Model: OakStyle Yorkshire 230 Cabinet

Cabinet Colour: Yorkshire Oak

Cabinet Dimensions: 123W x 41D x 78H cm

Heater: 300W

Lighting: StripGlo Tropical 116cm 29.5W

Filtration: Ocellaris 850