Dennerle CO2 Diffusor Ultra

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Product Description

Dennerle offers a series of ultra-modern CO2 addition units under the name "CO2 Diffusor Ultra". The diffusers are made of transparent break-proof acrylic. This makes them considerably safer to handle than conventional glass diffusers and also ideal for children's aquariums for example. Due to their ultra-compact shape they can be installed "invisibly" in the aquarium using the suction holder provided. Thanks to their attractive appearance however they are not disturbing in the visible area either. The newly developed membranes are manufactured from a special sintered material with extremely small pores. The resulting nano-atomization of the supplied CO2 ensures a highly effective and safe dissolution of this important plant nutrient in the aquarium. With the help of the integrated bubble counter the amount of CO2 added can be easily checked at any time. 

  • Model M supplies aquariums up to 200 L. Dimensions 140mm high x 17mm wide.
  • Model L supplies aquariums up to 400 L. Dimensions 140mm high x 23mm wide.
  • Model S is suitable for aquariums up to 100 L and therefore very popular especially for nano aquariums. Dimensions 140mm high x 12mm wide.