Hobby Alder Cones

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Product Description 

 Our Alder Cones are harvested from black alders (Alnus glutinosa).
This product is made by nature and collected only at places where nature has been left intact and men hasn’t taken harmful influence.
What makes Alder Cones so special?
Alder Cones are extraordinary suppliers of important humins and tanning agents. Humins in the aquarium provide for plant growth (they release nitrogen, phosphor and sulphur to the water), for a gentle decrease of the pH value and the water becoming of a natural yet crystal clear colouring, just as many of our aquarium inhabitants prefer it in their natural environment. Even for animals not originating from such regions, the Alder Cones offer additional benefits.
The tanning agents provide the benefit of naturally inhibiting germs harmful to your animals such as bacteria and fungi spores. Therefore, the use of Alder Cones is ideal also if you wish to promote the reproduction of your fish. It is only thanks to the ‘blackwater effect’ that animals become ready to spawn. The tanning agents will help greatly in avoiding fungal infestation of the spawn. Once the breed has hatched once an watch them develop and grow better and look for food particles on the Alder Cones.
Shrimp and various other animals will frequent the small cones too in order to graze on them, grate at them or hide out.

Alder Cones:
• promote the vitality and well-being of your animals
• natural coloring of the water – indispensable for many species
• slight decreasing and stabilization of the pH value
• gentle repression of unwanted bacterial growth
• blocks fungi to prevent fungal infections and infestation of spawn
• willingly accepted as additional feed and hide out by shrimps, crabs and plecostomus