Kita Mountain Rock

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73-80% of Japans Landmass is Mountains . 100 Of the majors mountains are over 2500 metres high . To honour these beautiful mountains the new Hugo Kamishi rock collection will be dedicated to them.

The Kita Mountain rock is a stunning black/granite coloured rock interspersed with white lines and has the added bonus of some quartz adding that little bit of shimmery sparkle.

Mount Kita is Japan’s tallest non-volcanic mountain. Yamanashi’s Minami-Alps city, or Southern Alps city, welcomes visitors to experience the beautiful landscapes of this Japanese region. Since it is also in the Yamanashi area, the top offers one of the best views of Mt. Fuji in the country. However, unlike Mt. Fuji, the landscape and wildlife are much more varied compared to Japan’s most iconic mountain. Fewer crowds also make it a popular climb for hikers