NT Labs Axolotl Axo Cure Treatment 100ml

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Product Description

Axolotl diseases often present a wide variety of symptoms. Typically, external parasitic infections will display symptoms of excess mucus secretion; blisters, sores, or lesions of the skin; loss of colour and patchiness of the skin; peeling, shedding or chalky skin; scratching or rubbing. These symptoms can be caused by poor water quality so always test your water using Aquarium Lab Test Kits.

AxoCure successfully treats Axolotls for external parasitic infections such as Monogenetic trematodes, Ichthyobodo and Chilodonella uncinata.


  1. Test the aquarium water using the Aquarium Lab Multi Test-Kit to ensure issues are not caused by poor water quality.
  2. Use a quarantine aquarium, or source a clean container which is appropriately sized for the Axolotl. Make sure it has a lid with holes for airflow.
  3. Fill the container with aquarium water and accurately measure the volume.
  4. Dose the water in the bath with AxoCure using the dose rate below and mix thoroughly.
  5. Remove your Axolotl from the aquarium using a fine net or scoop it out using a container. Limit the amount of aquarium water you transfer with the Axolotl.
  6. Place the Axolotl in the bath, and leave it for 8 hours in a cool, dark place with the lid on.
  7. While treating in the bath, perform a water change on the aquarium.
  8. Axolotls should be checked hourly to monitor for stress.
  9. Once complete, place your Axolotl back in the aquarium using a fine net, or scoop it out using a container. Limit the amount of bath water you transfer with the Axolotl.
  10. If symptoms persist after two weeks, retreat the Axolotl using the above steps for two consecutive days.


  • Don’t pour this product directly in the aquarium.
  • Don’t use for more than two consecutive days.
  • Don’t leave the axolotl in the bath for more than 8 hours


5ml per litre of water in bath.