Catappa Bark Rolls

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Product Description 

Amtra – pro nature brings you the best Biotope products for your aquarium.

Product is clean, dry and not mouldy each pack of 15 leaves packed separately . 

Indian Catappa Bark (terminalia catappa) is a natural supplement recommended for all freshwater fishes and invertebrates.

Indian almond leaves (terminalia catappa) provide a natural look to the aquarium as well as holding many health benefits for your fish such as : 

  • Reducing water pH, helping to soften the water.

    · Stimulate breeding among some species 

    · Prevents harmful bacteria and diseases 

    · Provide acids and tannings for a natural water look.

    · Provides grazing for shrimp and catfish 

    Almond leaves and Bark are suitable for all tropical aquarium fish and shrimps especially Pleco catfish and Apistogramma dwarf cichlid species known to need tanned water for breeding. They do decompose which is normal and will turn water light yellow or brown. To reduce the tanning of the water too much? We recommend to soak Bark & Leaves in a bucket of water for 1-2 days before adding to your aquarium.

Dosage Recommendations:

1 x Bark tube per 100 Litres.
2 x 13 - 8cm leaf to 50 liters of water per week (or until decomposed). This ensures that the water is continuously supplied with natural ingredients and is offered for maximum well-being of the aquarium inhabitants.

 When you put the leaves in the tank? they may float for up to 24 hours as water is absorbed.Then once at bottom of tank can last up to 4 weeks depending on type of fish you keep. To help them sink we recommend weighting the leaves down or weighting them down in a separate water container for a week before adding to the aquarium.

We recommend Not using Carbon filters when using Catappa Leaves. (Carbon will remove the benefits of the leaves as well as tannins)