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Product Description

Dennerle Plant Care Basic Root are the universal root fertilizer for use as a starter aid and for complementary fertilization. Dennerle Plant Care Basic Root are the universal nutrient depot for all aquarium plants that take in their nutrients predominantly via their roots. They give new plants a boost to get them started, and older plants a new burst of growing power. Simply push 1-4 balls, depending on the size of the plant, into the area around the roots.

Dennerle Plant Care Basic Root
+ root nutrient depot for aquarium plants
+ with iron and important trace elements
+ for splendid plants and strong colors
+ optimal for strongly rooting plants, e.g. Cryptocoryne, Echinodorus
+ ideal as a starting aid and for targeted top-up fertilizing
+ boost growth from the roots up
+ simply to use
+ replenish every 6-12 months