Mayer Copper Flat Stone

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Japan has many beautiful mountains and islands and the new Hugo Kamishi rock collection will be dedicated to a few of them .

The Maya Copper flat stone is a beautufl strata layered stone made up of many different coppery and brown tones . The overall effect of this stone when in water is sublime . 

Maya Rock can be thick and some are thin and so you can create scapes , caves etc using these.

Mount Maya is 2292 feet high and is in Kpbe , Hyogo Prefecture , Japan . Mount Maya is named after Lady Maya , the mpther of the Buddha . You can reach the top by cable car and its well worth a visit if your in the region .

Weight and size always varies by type of rock. We will try to mix and match your chosen weight as closely as possible, but this can't always be guaranteed! If you have a preference in number of rocks or size, please leave a note during checkout and we will try to accommodate where possible.